Arduino Mega 2560

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Display LCD 4884

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Ethernet Shield W5100

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W5100 Datasheet

I2C-Echtzeituhr-Speichermodul DS3231

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DS3231 Datasheet

Arduino Pro Mini compatible 328P 5V

Arduino pro mini is a microcontroller board based on ATMEGA328P. It has 14 digital IO pins (6 of them can be used as PWM output), 8 analog input, one 16MHz crystal, one reset button. Comparing to the official board the following features are added: Connect VCC to 5V pin if voltage is 3.3 ~ 5V. Power VCC to Vin pin if voltage is 5~12V Details auf
Mega 328 Datasheet

USBISP AVR 10 Pin Programmer

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